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See your HOME on your mobile phone anytime anywhere

Having spy cameras at home comes with a healthy level of peace of mind. It reminds you that you will see everything that goes on in your home regardless of whether you are there or not.

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A Proven & Effective Way To Get Rid Of Frustrations.

Most businesses; Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Shops/Restaurants, and even most homes had fallen victim of rubbery, smuggling and unnoticed activities that led to the loss of important documents, money and even human lives because there is no proper record of activities, actions, and movements.

Stop Regretting That You Should Have Captured The Action

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Reasons You Should Consider Having a Spy Camera at Home

They are not easily seen

Unlike regular security cameras that are visible to anyone around or inside your home, a spy camera within your home gives you the added advantage of stealth. Thanks to technological advancement, they are easily concealed in fixtures like wall sockets, lampshades and table clocks.

Have an extra eye watching your family

Having a hidden camera in your home helps you keep an extra eye on members of your family. In Nigeria, it is common practice to have babysitters, maids and butlers in your home. Having such people in your home takes a lot of stress off you. However, it comes at a risk especially when you consider reported cases of child abuse and brutality.

Stay one step ahead of intruders and burglars

CCTV security cameras mounted outside your home will capture the presence of intruders but in a case where you are dealing with an intruder who knows his/her way around the house, your security cameras will not be enough.

Remember that intruders can see the camera, or might be collaborating with someone within your home to beat the surveillance cameras. However, with spy cameras, you stay one step ahead as intruders will clearly not be aware of this. Eventually, this will play out to your advantage as you have the element of surprise. This is even more important if you are the kind of person who travels often.

Keep your children in check

Children are sometimes disobedient and mischievous. For instance, you ask your children to do something but instead of following your instruction, they try to play a smart one on you. In such a case, the hidden camera helps you see what they have been up to

They are not complicated to operate

watch the setting up

Hidden cameras for your home are not as complicated as the spy cameras and devices used by James Bond in the popular 007 movies. Rather, operating them have become largely simplified as they do not require a ‘level 7 security clearance to operate.

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Product description


Do you want to check the status of your parents, children and pets since you can’t be around them all the time?
Do you want your precious things under protection? Your home, garage, warehouse or business?
You are not always beside your parents, children and pets.
This mini WiFi camera is a perfect solution for you!

1080P Full HD Videos You can always reach the app connected with the camera and get HD video to know things
happening no matter where you are.

Small Size
The small size (1.69*0.98 in) and the simple design makes it match with all decor and hide easily.

Recording While Charging
The built-in rechargeable 240mah battery can work about 100 minutes after fully charged. It
supports working while charging, no need to worry about running out of battery.

Night Vision without Glow
With 6 premium night vision infrared lights, this tiny camera can give you clear viewing in
low light and a fully dark environment, and the IR lights are invisible when recording.

Motion Detection Alert
When this WiFi mini camera detects motions, an alert message will send to you in real-time
and it will start recording automatically, everything is under control.

Material: Aluminium alloy
Color: Black
ize: 1.26*1.69*0.98 inches
Resolution Ratio: 1920*1080P / 1280*720P
Video Format: ASF
Memory Card Type: Micro SD Card / TF Card ( One 32GB SD card included and supports up to
128GB memory)
Viewing Angle: 150° wide view angle
APP Support: Android / iOS
Voice Recording Range: 54 square feet
Compress Format: H.264
Loop Recording: Yes

Package Included
1 X WiFi Wireless Mini Camera

1 X Magnetic Bracket
1 X Magnetic Tab
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X Short USB Charging Cable
1 X Instruction Manual

Memory card not included


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Can i view live video at work while my camera is hidden at home or car?

Yes. Once you finish connecting the mini camera with your phone app in Remote WiFi Mode, you can view the live stream when the camera records anytime and anywhere

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yes, you can return it within seven days of purchase if the camera is not working

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