Best Marker Board


Best Marker Board 4 X 4ft


This stylishly designed and constructed White Marker Board – 4 x 4 feet is an essential white board to have due to its extremely scratch resistant components and easy to clean characteristics.

Our White Marker Board has been graciously assembled, and fabricated to withstand the tedious every day use. This makes it to stand out as the excellent board for Office, School, Classroom, Lecture Hall, Dining Hall, architectural cladding purposes, Hotel lobby, Church Administrative office, Mosque, modern auditorium, and any other related activities.

Our White Market Board in assorted range and sizes but this particular one is 4 x 4 Feet.

Features and Specification

Stylishly design

Aluminium frame

Light Weight.
Extremely Scratch Proof

Technologically enhance White Surface

Ultimate Writing and Drawing experience

Easy to clean and maintain